Baptist Health Offers Immunization Clinics

Baptist Health Offers Immunization Clinics

LITTLE ROCK -- Baptist Health Community Outreach is offering back-to-school immunization clinics in Little Rock throughout the month of August. The clinics will be held at the Partnership for a...


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Sonya Whitfield

Thursday, August 20th PK-K 5:00-5:30 1-2 5:30-6:00 3-5 6:00-6:30 Medication Drop-Off Process 1. Have medication in a ziplock bag. 2. Pull up to the front canopy, along circle drive, where the nurse is located. 3. Roll the passenger window down and complete the medication form given to you by the nurse. 4. Give medication form and medication to the nurse. Medication Policy 1. Only medications prescribed by a physician will be given at school. 2. All medication must be in a container with a pharmacy label noting the name of the student, medication name, dosage, and clear directions for administration. 3. All medication must be provided in the correct dosage prescribed by the physician. Any alteration to the medication pill required to provide correct dosage should be completed by the pharmacy/guardian prior to bringing the prescription bottle to the school. 4. No medication that is to be given three (3) times a day or less will be administered at school unless a physician's statement specifically directs the medication to be given at a certain time. 5. In order to ensure medication efficacy and student safety, no scheduled medication will be administered at school within one (1) hour of the arrival bell or within 1 hour of the dismissal bell. 6. School personnel are not trained to determine when non-scheduled medications are needed, as this is a form of prescribing. However, there are times when PRN (as needed) medication may be required. A physician statement must be provided giving specific instructions regarding how much, when, and how often the medication is to be given. 7. The Medication Consent Form must be signed by the parent/guardian for any medication to be given to a student at school. Handwritten notes are not acceptable. 8. Any substance that does not have approval by the Food & Drug Administration will not be administered at school. 9. Narcotic pain medication will not be administered in the school setting. Students requiring this type of medication should stay home. 10. The initial dose of a new medication must be given by the parent/guardian outside of the school setting. 11. No sharing of medication is permitted. 12. Building personnel and school nurses will administer medicine to students according to Board Policy JLCD-R. 13. A locked and limited access area for storage of medications will be provided. 14. Parents/guardians shall be responsible for transporting medication to and from school for students in grades K-12. It is recommended that parents/guardians bring a month supply to school and note when more medicine is needed to prevent missed doses due to depleted supply. The quantity of medication will be counted and recorded when medication is brought to the school. If you have any questions, please email the school nurse at the address listed below. Shena Foltz, RN

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Tip to help your child adapt to wearing a mask: Use easy to understand language and positive phrasing to explain why it is important for children to wear their mask. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence view image

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Sonya Whitfield

Monday, August 17th and Tuesday, August 18th are designated days for families to pick up chromebooks and drop off school supplies. You will need to place the first and last name of your student(s) in the passenger side window and drive through the car rider lane. Please have all school supplies labeled with the student(s) name in a bag (make sure the student's full name is on the bag) and placed in the trunk or the back seat of the passenger’s side. We will place the chromebook in your trunk or back seat and grab the bag of school supplies. You will not exit your car. The school supplies will be placed in your student(s) classroom. The following scheduled will be followed: Monday, August 17th 3:00-4:00--4th grade 4:00-5:00--5th grade 5:00-6:00--3rd grade Tuesday, August 18th 3:00-4:00--1st grade 4:00-5:00--2nd grade 5:00-6:00--Kindergarten *Sibling groups will pick up at one time, no need for multiple trips

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COMING SOON: Chromebook Distribution PCSSD will release information about chromebook distribution for all students soon. Every student in grades K - 12 will receive a chromebook no matter which instructional option they are in. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence view image

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Baptist Health Community Outreach is offering back-to-school immunization clinics in Little Rock throughout the month of August. Check out the schedule on our website: #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence view image

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The revised district calendar for the 2020-2021 school year has been posted on the district website and all school websites. This is a DRAFT version as it must still be approved by the Board of Education, but we wanted to share with you now for planning. You can find it here: view image

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